Virtual Interviews

    Thank you for your interest in interviewing with Claremont McKenna College (CMC)!

    While interviews are not required, they are highly recommended.* Interviews for CMC are evaluative and are a part of your application. The interview allows you to tell us more about your personal background, as well as your accomplishments, talents, and goals. The interview process also provides you with a valuable opportunity to understand the CMC experience in a one-on-one setting. On-campus interviews are conducted by Admission Officers or Senior Interviewers.

    * Homeschooled first-year applicants are required to interview. 

    First-year Interviews
    Interviews for first-year applicants are offered June through mid-December and should be completed before your application deadline. If you are unable to schedule an interview by mid-December, we strongly encourage that you consider submitting the optional video response. Applicants who interview may submit the video response as well.

    Transfer Interviews
    Interviews are offered before and shortly after the transfer application deadlines. If you are unable to schedule an interview, we strongly encourage you to consider submitting the optional video response. Applicants who interview may submit a video response as well.

    Alumni Interviews

    Alumni interviews for first-year applicants become available in mid-September. If you are unable to schedule an interview here, you can reach out to one of our alumni interviewers in your area for a virtual interview. Alumni interviews are evaluative and follow a similar format as interviews offered with admission staff. Check out the list of alumni interviewer volunteers in your area. Alumni interviews are offered from September through mid-December.

    CMC accepts Initialview interviews from international applicants. We have limited virtual and alumni interview options, so the Intialview interview can be a more convenient option for students living around the world. Register for an Intialview interview.
    • Chinese citizens attending high school in China are required to submit an Initialview interview with the timed writing sample. 
    • All interviews are viewed the same in the application review process.
    • Applicants can only sit for ONE interview option.

    Please note that interviews are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prospective students are limited to one interview.

    Check the calendar to the right for available interviews with senior interviewers and admission officers. You may need to toggle to future months to see more options.
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