Virtual Interviews

    Interviews for CMC are evaluative and are a part of your application. Virtual interviews are conducted by senior interviewers or admission staff and generally last about 30 minutes. These interviews will be conducted through Slate Share. Interviews are a two-way street; we get to learn more about you and you get to learn more about us in a one-on-one setting. Interviews are optional* and not required for admission.
    • Prospective students may only interview once. If you've already registered or attended an interview, regardless of format and/or location, please plan on submitting the optional admission video instead. 
    • *Homeschool students are required to interview.
    • In lieu of a virtual interview, international applicants are encouraged to submit an InitialView interview. InitialView interviews are conducted in your time zone and can be sent to multiple colleges. Contact InitialView or to inquire about fee waivers. Learn more about interview recommendations for international applicants at All interviews are evaluative in the admission process.

    First-Year Interviews

    • Prospective first-year students may interview starting May of their junior year.
    • Early Decision I applicants should plan to interview by November 1.

    Transfer Interviews

    • Prospective transfer applicants may interview in the months leading to their application deadline:
      • Spring transfers: starting in September of the year they are applying
      • Fall transfers: starting in January of the year they are applying

    Use the calendar to register.

    When available, virtual interviews will be appear below.

    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled
    Unable to secure a virtual interview? Here are your options:
    • Arrange an alumni interview (first-year applicants only, through mid-December), or see if our admission officers are interviewing in your area (first-year applicants only, through November). All interviews are evaluative and weighed equally in the admission process.
    • Submit the optional admission video response on your applicant portal. Applicants who interview may submit the video response as well.