Alumni Interviewers 2023-2024

    In the past three years, the pandemic affected all of us in one way or another.  But with all the precautions and the work we did together, we persevered!

    With much of US adult population fully vaccinated and boosted, it looks as if the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down, but it’s still around.  In May 2023, the World Health Organization stated that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency. While the declaration is encouraging, we are still not completely free from the infectious disease.

    With that, we will proceed safely and responsibly. We want to make sure that prospective students (and their families) feel safe and confident during the interview.  We will allow both in-person as well as virtual interviews, depending on what the student and the interviewer agree upon and how comfortable they feel about the type of the interview.

    First year applicants are offered an opportunity to interview with a Claremont McKenna College alumnus between September 1 and December 12. Interviews are available to any student living in the US, and some countries abroad.

    These interviews are not required for admission to CMC, but we highly recommend them. Please contact directly an interviewer in your local area (one interviewer at a time) to set up your interview. Alumni interviewers are volunteers; they will respond to you as promptly as their schedules allow. Interviews will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. Only one interview per student.

    The interviews are an evaluative part of your application. They give us a chance to learn more about you. Likewise, through the interview you will have the opportunity to learn more about CMC in a one-on-one setting. Whether the interview is in person or virtual, you may dress more formally, however, casual or business casual attire is also fine. Interviews typically last 30 to 45 minutes. If interviewing virtually, please choose a place in your home that has few distractions, good lighting, and a good Internet connection.

    Please include the following information when contacting an interviewer: your legal name, date of birth, high school name and high school city/state, and your email address.

    If you are unable to schedule an interview by mid-December, we strongly encourage you to submit the optional video response. Applicants who interview may submit the video response as well.


    Alaska: Anchorage

    Peter J. Caltagirone

    Arizona: Phoenix

    Spencer Cashdan

    Arizona: Tucson

    Rhonda Mallis Rosenbaum

    Arizona: Yuma

    Gowan Deckey

    California: San Francisco Bay Area

    Jeremy Anderson

    Aviv Caspi
    San Francisco  

    Jack Cavellier
    San Francisco

    Henry DeRuff
    San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley

    Michelle Goodwin
    San Francisco  

    Corie Hack
    San Francisco  

    Nandini Jayaram
    San Francisco

    Tran Ly
    San Francisco  

    Vivan Marwaha
    San Francisco

    Paul Nathan
    San Francisco, Orinda  

    Dawson Reckers
    San Francisco  

    Lauren Rosenberger
    San Francisco  

    Hanna Shiferaw
    San Francisco  

    Anthony ‘Tony’ Sidhom
    San Francisco  

    Anna Zimmerman
    San Francisco

    California: East Bay

    Chris Cheung

    Christina Coffin
    Sacramento/Placer County  

    Henry DeRuff
    San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley  

    Ted Hall
    Oakland, Walnut Creek  

    Catherine Harris

    John McDowell

    Paul Nathan
    San Francisco, Orinda  

    Eric Warmoth

    California: North Bay

    Elizabeth Carrade
    Marin County  

    Paul Gero
    Marin County, Napa

    California: South Bay

    Adrienne Mitchell
    Monterey Peninsula/Carmel/Big Sur

    California: Peninsula/Silicon Valley

    Matthew Choi
    San Jose

    Xiangyu Fu
    Santa Clara  

    Desmond Mantle

    Adhitya Venkatraman
    San Jose

    California: Southern California Counties

    Kylie Bernardi
    Los Angeles  

    Jamie Bitz
    Los Angeles

    Jefferson Chang
    Los Angeles  

    Griffin Ferre

    Lulu (Ruilu) Gao
    Los Angeles 

    Lisa Hao
    Los Angeles

    Anne Jang

    Danielle Klappstein
    Los Angeles

    Sandy Koch
    Los Angeles  

    Nishka Khoobchandani
    Los Angeles 

    Austin Melody
    Los Angeles  

    Mark Schwartz
    Los Angeles  

    Ryan Sung
    Los Angeles  

    Colorado: Denver   

    Connor Bloom

    Kyle Covell

    Tarah Gilbreth

    Chad Jimenez

    Connecticut: Fairfield County

    Maddie Galbraith

    Campbell Streator
    NY: New York City  

    Amanda Wilson

    Florida: Miami

    Kate Ruston

    Hawaii: Honolulu

    Tyler Kimura

    Illinois: Chicago

    Ajlina Basic

    Cindy Burga-Romero

    Cam Finley

    Anika Kimme

    Ellen Lebow

    Patrick McDonough

    Carlos Rivas

    Sean Smith

    Jay Tremblay

    April Weathers

    Timothy W. Wright III

    Illinois: Wheaton

    Drew Van Pelt

    Kansas: Kansas City

    Nathan Kurtz
    MO: Kansas City

    Massachusetts: Boston

    Haley Goodman

    Molly Luce

    Minnesota: St. Paul/Minneapolis

    Heather Cowart

    Missouri: Kansas City

    Nathan Kurtz
    KS: Kansas City

    New Jersey

    Robin Bartlett
    NY: New York City

    New Mexico: Santa Fe

    Jenny Kaufman

    New York: Long Island

    Lisa McCaffrey

    New York: New York City

    Kimiko Adler

    Robin Bartlett
    NJ: Northern Counties  

    Desmond Goetomo

    Hannah Goldberg-Morse

    Grace Kelleher

    Ellen Lempres

    Tammy Phan

    Dorcas Saka

    Elaine Sohng

    Campbell Streator
    CT: Fairfield County

    David Ying

    North Carolina: Chapel Hill

    Adrienne Kafka

    Claire Klein

    North Carolina: Charlotte

    Jerry Lee

    Ohio: Columbus

    Sandy Bostic

    Bruce Alan Soll
    UT: Park City

    Oregon: Portland Metro Area

    Morgan Beltz

    Kathryn Holleb

    Jesse Rebello

    Merrill Richmond

    Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

    Elan Sippel-Feldman

    South Dakota

    Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek

    Tennessee: Nashville

    Adam Van Dyk

    Texas: Austin

    Elizabeth ‘Ducky’ Duckworth

    Texas: Dallas   

    Lauren Broidy

    Karima Motiwala

    Lauren Yeske

    Texas: Prosper

    Jane Matthews

    Utah: Park City

    Bruce Alan Soll
    OH: Columbus

    Utah: Salt Lake City

    Daisy Chou Phillips

    Vermont: Stowe

    Tim Gallagher

    Virginia: Richmond

    Chris Reina

    Washington: Bellevue/Tacoma

    Luke Ostrander

    Washington: Puget Sound

    Gary Carson

    Washington: Seattle

    Eli Coon

    Hillary Lundberg

    Washington: Vancouver

    Jennifer Otto

    Washington, D.C.

    Jordan Aronowitz

    Aseem Chipalkatti

    Bridget Moran

    Bradley Pine

    Sarah Servin


    Note: In lieu of an alumni interview, international applicants whose primary language is not English are strongly encouraged to complete an InitialView or Vericant interview, which include a timed writing sample. All interviews are evaluative and weighed equally in the admission process.

    India: Delhi

    Saumya Agarwal

    Rhea Jain (Mumbai)

    Kanishk Kapur (Delhi & Gurgaon/NCR)

    India: Kolkata and Indian Subcontinent Region

    Kunal Prakash Khemka

    India: Mumbai

    Rhea Jain (Delhi)

    Jahnavi Kocha

    Indonesia: Jakarta

    Glenys Kirana

    Israel: Haifa

    Emma Finn

    Italy: Rome

    Luke Radice

    The Netherlands: Amsterdam

    Anoush Baghdassarian

    Brooke Nayden

    Senegal: Dakar

    Samantha ‘Sam’ Kunz


    Kunal Prakash Khemka
    India: Kolkata & Indian Subcontinent Region

    Glenys Kirana (Indonesia: Jakarta)

    Jeremy Seow

    Taiwan: Pingtung

    Thomas Falci

    Taiwan: Taichung

    Clive Hsu

    Taiwan: Taipei

    Walter Huang

    United Kingdom: London

    Louisa Dunwiddie

    Yu-Yu Lin

    Anne Nguyen